Monday, July 03, 2006

feel the love

Feel the love
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went to the latest flickr meetup yesterday, just to cap off an all round boozy weekend.

caught up with the usual crew there which was fine, except all the newbies seemed to be conversationally challenged such that whenever i tried to initiate a 'hello how/who/what are you?' kind of thing, all i got was a camera in the face. i wasn't the only one...

poor audrey copped the backlash though.

sorry fouts.


Anonymous said...

Since you brought it up- (it's funny how people's perspectives can be different)- I found your side of the room had a unfriendly clique-ish vibe. I get the impression you're a group of people who have to meet people a couple of times to feel comfortable with them.

thomask said...

i can see how you guys would have thought that... and certainly i remember the awkwardness of the first few meetups i went to.

and you're right, after a couple of times it does become easier.

hopefully the nash was better in hat respect? i found that it was.

anyway, hopefully you'll come to the barbie?!