Wednesday, October 04, 2006

arrive at the point

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have been at a conference in brisbane the past week - COMBIO 2006.

pretty good meeting overall, made better by the fact that i won a cashmoney prize for my talk... which covered the cost of my recent bike service and a bit more. phew!

then headed down to mullumbimby to stay with J and her new partner S, and the two kids. good times, although the younger kid B can be a bit of a handful!

it was funny that as soon as i stepped off the plane i realised how much i missed brisbane, and how well we complement each other - the city and me. weird that, but it felt like i was at home. then again, it could have been to do with the fact that when i left melbs it was 16 degrees and hailing like a MF.

thanks to nic and michael for letting me crash at theirs too... xox

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