Thursday, December 07, 2006

the end of movember

ok, so this was actually taken at day 17, but the finished product was pretty much the same...

a few dudes i know were going along to the "movember gala parte" at the metro, of all places. haven't been to the metro in over a decade, since high school. i remember sneaking in hip flasks of vodka due to the lack of pocket money ;)

well, i still have no money but at least now i have a mo. so i went along, dressed as a pimp, kind of inspired by the pimp played by snoop-dogg in "starsky and hutch". but not black. [photos taken by michael are on his flickr site.

well, there were many other pimps there (in fact one pimp and his ho won best 'mo couple), as well as dodgy 70s cricketers, VB blokes, porn stars, airline pilots, 70s tennis players, village people, 2x borats and other assorted historical 'mo showers.

what struck me as i wandered around in an increasingly alcoholic daze, being glared at in my mia wallace pimp wig by big beefy blokes with biceps and beer bulges was that the whole feeling was one of pure rank unadorned misogyny. now, i like my beer and cricket as much as the next mo man, but this was almost like an invitation to openly denigrate women, and i saw many examples of such. and weirdly enough the chicks, and i use that word in full recognition of all its connotations, seemed to be lapping it up. in fact i also copped a fair few disparaging looks from several girls. "how dare your hair be glossier and more voluminous than mine!" their eyes seemed to scream at me, hysterically. (another word whose origins i'm fully aware of...).

and all this seemed diametrically opposed to the whole idea of the evening. movember - promoting men's health issues. don't be a typical man, head down to your GP and get the finger up the rectum. admit you're feeling down and talk to someone about it. well, the metro men of movember seemed to take this in the opposite vein and used the opportunity to be as "blokey" as possible. i dunno, maybe i missed the point?

so next year i might skip the party and head to the salon to get my mo waxed instead.

oh, and i raised just over $400, enough for one antibody. just.

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