Thursday, February 15, 2007


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this is ebony. my sister's new partner. or fling. or whatever.

she's been snapped with my new toy, the 5D+85/1.8 (!!!) which for reasons i won't go into, came into my life at exactly the right time.

for the moment though, she (miss fiedee) is tucked away, waiting till i have some time and space to head out and test her and myself. basil has been on the receiving end, bastard of a test subject though he is ...

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Anonymous said...

HI Thomas

We've met. I am George. Mr Chua that is.

Bump into your Flikr photo site and the photo you took of me during the set at pitchblack. Like it alot and was hoping if u can send me a high res one. Want to ask for your permission to use it at myspace.

My email is

Thanks alot.