Friday, January 09, 2009

cliché on all levels

jukungs on the rocks

for christmas and new years we headed off to the north east coast of bali - avoiding family, long-haul travelling and the (usually) cold christmas weather at home. we did have some misgivings about "bali", but up on the north east it was beautiful! the main industries are fishing (obviously) and farming corn, peanuts and coconuts, as the area receives far less rainfall than the rest of the island, so it's still pretty idyllic. even better, there are no nightclubs, bars, cinemas, internet cafes, drunken yob aussies, rubbish-strewn beaches, rabid dogs and traffic jams which apparently plague kuta.

as well as those worthy motives, i was a bit sneaky too - and proposed on the stroke of midnight on new years!!

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