Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas in Melbourne

Boxing day test

after an extremely busy december, planning our wedding and winding up work, we finally took off to melbs for a whirlwind "holiday":

al's 30th birthday first up, then chrissy eve at home with my fam, then the usual xmas day drive down to OG for xmas dinner with jo's fam, then back up to melbs for the morning session of the boxing day test. this was followed by a relaxed beer by the river at fed square, then on to the ferry down to williamstown for a lunch of fish n chips, beer and white wine, then back up to the city for a few more drinks at curtin house then over to victoria st for dinner. next day it was across town to tobes' and amanda's new place for a housewarming, then back down to OG.

wedding plans then took over, interrupted by a day's fishing with ludo and john, a quiet new years eve in queenscliff, then more wedding plans.

finally the big day, but we'll leave that for january...

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