Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lake Louise, Canada

second try

September seems to be settling in as my conference month. Last year was Edinburgh, this year it was Lake Louise, in the Banff National Park in Canada.

A stunning setting of course, though with our 15 hour days we didn't get too many opportunites to sample it. This photograph was taken at about 7 am, before breakfast. Not too shabby for not having a tripod and resting my arms on a viewing "box". We were allowed an afternoon off on the second day which I took advantage of by going on a 5 hour walk up the valley to the Plain of Six Glaciers, then back via the 'big beehive' and down to Lake Agnes.

After the conference finished I headed down to San Fran and over to Lake Tahoe to visit Ali and Mike. Another stunning area, with the advantage of being (sightly) warmer.

While in San Fran I took a ride around the North bay area too - 60 kms of mostly beautiful scenery and some scary highway on-ramps. Also spent half a day in the SF MOMA checking out the New Topographics exhibition. 75% of the original exhibition was on display, and having just come through much of that landscape and seeing that not much had changed, it was simply unreal. A stunning body of work.

Can't wait to go back in Winter!

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