Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magical Mystery Fridge Film

a study of three hipsters

I've resolved to develop and scan all the rolls of film in the fridge that have been sitting there unloved and unlooked at. Of course the easiest way to do this was to start with the colour, so off it went to Joo Ann Foh (expensive but convenient). Lo and behold what should come back but films from my trip to London in September '09! I've already put some shots of that trip up here but I love getting surprises like this so one more can't hurt.

What else has been happening in Feb / March / April? Not a great deal, except for Toby's wedding! I didn't take many (as in, hardly any) pictures while down in Byron Bay, but it was a hectic 5 days acting as T's best man. On the Wednesday we went sailing out on the Richmond River down at Ballina, followed by bbq and drinks at Chris P's apartment and then out for a classic Byron night at Cheeky Monkeys. Thursday was a bit rough but with the champgane during the wedding rehearsal and then a long lunch, the hangover was manageable. Friday was a quiet 'rest' day with some afternoon golf (I still suck) and a family dinner, and then Saturday was the big day!

Tobes and I started early by washing the wedding car and then dropping their stuff off at the honeymoon apartment at Wategos, then heading up to Amanda's place at Teven. Mingling until wedding time, got through the (windy!) ceremony no problems and then off for photos on Broken Head beach - great photog too. Dinner and speeches followed by drinking and dancing at the golf club. T+A left early understandably! The rest of us partied on till after midnight and then home to bed after a few more wines on the couch. Sunday was relaxed recovery at the Beach Hotel, then packing up and up to Brissie to fly home. Fantastic week!

Then a week later it was off to Vietnam for Jo and I, but that might be another whole post...

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