Monday, September 26, 2011

A city that eats itself


Almost a year ago (?) I shot a couple of rolls of film at the old shopping centre at Pasir Panjang as it was being demolished. We'd walked past the night before on our way to dinner and taken some instagram pictures, but I definitely wanted the higher res capabilities of the bronica and MF film... So at 6 the next morning I jumped on the bike and spun down South Buona Vista hill (it's not really that steep) and started clambering over the rubble, just as the soft glow of pre-dawn started to illuminate the concrete and steel reinforcing.

The film lay in the bottom of the fridge for ages, and I've just got around to devving and scanning it. Really love how these turned out! As it happens, construction of the new mixed use condo / retail development has started - will have to wander over the ridge and down the hill soon enough to check out its progress. Very conceivably they will have finished it - which says a lot about how documentary / typology photography here very quickly becomes archival / archaeological photography.

I hope the Japanese supermarket / fresh fish shop is one of the tenants again...



(yes, this neg needs to be washed and rescanned...)

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Lauren K. said...

That last shot is particularly lovely.