Friday, May 19, 2006

keep clear

1000019_with a cherry on top.jpg
Originally uploaded by thomask.
kinda sums up this piss poor effort in recent weeks. or is it months? who knows. my worst nightmare has come true - i've become the living embodiment of a piece of fucked 'chaser' satire. middle class white boy starts blog. gives up after 4 posts. well fuck the chaser, i'm back. *shudder*

hi to jimbo in jenoa ;)


James said...

Good work thom!! Don't give in. Am VERY impressed with the photos up on Flickr. Puts me to shame really... Am in the process of setting up my own account there...

Break the Establishment!

James said...

Ohh, by the way I meant to add that it is Genova!! (Or Zena for the yocals...)

thomask said...

heya jimbo, thanks!

and the 'jenoa' thing? a lame attempt to take the piss out of your spelling, which v thinks is atrocious...

hence the ;)

have a safe trip back matey, hope to see you guys over there next year!